Tin Plate Coil

  • Material Grade: SPCC, MR
  • Temper(BA&CA): T1, T2, T3, T4, T5, DR8, DR9
  • Tin Coating: 1.1~11.2g/㎡
  • Thickness: 0.15~0.70mm (Tolerance: ±0.01 mm)
  • The Coil’s Inside Diameter: 420 / 508mm
  • Coil Weight: 1~3 MT
  • Surface Finish: Bright, Stone, Silver, Matte, Gold Lacquered

Products can be customized

Tinplate Coil

Tin Plate Coil Stock

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Tin Plate Coil Stock-3
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Packaging And Shipping

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Tin Plate Coil Packing-2
Tin Plate Coil Packing-3
Tin Plate Coil Packing-4
Tin Plate Coil Packing-5
Tin Plate Coil Packing-6

Our Factory

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